Exit Strategy For Selling Your PR Firm

When it’s time for ownership to transition away from a creative service agency or PR firm, the team at Gould+Partners offers the expert guidance clients rely on to construct an expedient exit strategy. We specialize in conducting accurate business valuations and tap into our experience in mergers & acquisitions to formulate an exit plan based on intelligently weighed options. 

The industry experts at Gould+Partners understand the value of each exit planning decision. We help our clients navigate the complexities associated with:

  • Management Buyouts
  • Structuring of third-party sales

Most importantly, Gould+Partners knows how to protect accumulated wealth.

For over 30 years, Gould+Partners has been consulting Public Relations Firms and Digital Media Agencies on the business building and profitability aspects of strategic planning. We are exceptionally qualified to formulate comprehensive, pragmatic exit plans for our clients.

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