Key Executive/ Employee
Retention Plans

Having talented, knowledgeable personnel adds an immense amount of value to your PR firm which is why a custom key employee retention plan is imperative. At Gould+Partners, we understand that the value of a PR agency goes far beyond its net profits or revenue. Personnel are an incredibly valuable asset. As such, firms must have a solid understanding of who their key employees are if they are to be successful in practice – and when/if it comes time to sell the firm.

Skilled in organizational analysis and familiar with the public relations and digital industries, Gould+Partners can help you to examine your staff and identify your key employees and executives. We will devise a customized key employee retention plan to help you inspire employee loyalty and aid you in retaining key employees during times of transition or organizational change.

Capable, competent employees fuel your firm’s success. Gould+Partners can help you thoroughly understand this important organizational asset and feel confident that your key employees will stay with you through thick and thin.

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