Public Relations Agency Valuations

Valuation Advisory of your PR Firm, Media and Creative Service Firms

How much is your creative services agency or public relations firm worth? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think.

Valuations of public relations agencies and other creative services firms like advertising and media agencies is a complex process. It takes financial expertise, knowledge of the mergers and acquisitions marketplace and a thorough understanding of what buyers are looking for. Firms are not valued merely based on the revenue they generate or their net worth. Instead, a combination of factors must be carefully examined and evaluated to accurately determine just how much value a firm holds. There is no general rule for business valuations – the valuation of each individual firm is unique and different.

At Gould+Partners, we have more than 30 years of experience valuing PR firms and creative services agencies. Our extensive knowledge of the industry makes us uniquely qualified to appraise your business and provide you with an accurate evaluation of what your firm is worth.

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When valuing your PR firm, advertising agency or other creative services company, turn to the industry experts at Gould+Partners. We understand the individualized, specialized nature of appraising agencies in the public relations and creative services industry and pride ourselves on providing accurate, thorough valuations to our clients.

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