Public Relations Consulting Firm Providing Benchmark Audits

In 1987, Rick Gould, CPA, J.D. created the concept of benchmarking for the public relations industry. For the past 31 years, Gould has performed surveys and analysis, compiling extensive benchmarking data for PR firms and agencies and producing an annual report that is provided to the public, free of charge – a service that sets Gould+Partners apart from all other public relations consulting firms!

Our benchmarking report covers every key benchmark that builds profitability and adds value to a public relations firm. It is a valuable tool that enables PR agencies to measure themselves against other firms and competitors in the public relations industry. The report also identifies business practices that have proven successful for numerous agencies, providing valuable insight to PR firms moving forward.

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In addition to providing this comprehensive, valuable report to PR firms and agencies, Gould+Partners also advises clients regarding how to interpret the report in relation to their businesses. We help our clients understand what the benchmark data means for them and how to apply the practices identified in the report to facilitate success in their specific firm or agency.

Increase the profitability and value of your public relations firm! Download the Gould+Partners’ comprehensive benchmarking report and contact us today to find out how your organization can implement the best practices identified to augment profitability and success.

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