Management Coaching for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Gould+Partners “Management Coaching for Millennials” program provides millennial-run PR firms and other creative services shops with comprehensive management consulting for how such firms boost profitability, enhance valuations and measure business returns more quickly and effectively.

Sure, millennial executives who run independent firms bring a significant amount of financial savvy to the table, particularly compared to previous generations of senior PR execs. But, in order to compete effectively these days, millennials need to learn many more managerial skills than how to manage PR budgets and campaigns.

Our six-month program is designed to educate millennial PR firm owners and C-level executives on how to “build to sell” and consistently generate a positive bottom line. The program also takes a deep dive into the M&A process, which has many moving parts and is becoming increasingly complex for both sellers and buyers. The most successful millennials start the process of building to sell the day they put their name on the door.

By joining our program, millennial owners will gain a far better sense for how to bill for services, control expenses, generate profit and boost valuations. This way, when owners inevitably decide on an exit strategy their firms will hold great appeal among buyers and command premium multiples.

This is a proprietary management coaching program created exclusively by Gould+Partners, targeting millennial entrepreneurs with an eye on the bottom line and—being born entrepreneurs—their future monetization.

The programs runs as follows:


  • Adopting a ‘Build to Sell’ mindset
  • How Managing by the Numbers Enables Agency Success
  • A “Model Firm”: How to Become One


  • Monetizing your firm’s staffing strategy
  • Practical steps for setting staff compensation
  • Beyond Salary: Compensation Plans that Count
  • Compensating & Billing for Freelancers


  • How to Improve Utilization/Productivity
  • How to Combat, Reduce and Eliminate Overservicing/Scope Creep
  • How to Foster Consistent Revenue Per Professional
  • How to Control Client Payments (and Diversify Your Portfolio)


  • How to Recession Proof Your Firm
  • How to Create a ‘Business Plan’ that is Sustainable
  • The ABCs of Strategic Planning (and Staying in Growth Mode)


  • Do you need a part-time COO (Chief Operating Officer)?
  • Operations Review Checklist
  • How to Boost Your Firm’s Appeal Among Buyers
  • Building Your Professional Team- CPA Firm, Attorney, Consultants.


  • The M&A PR Process: A-Z
  • How to Prepare for the End Game
  • What is Your Firm Worth?
  • How to Assure Success Post-Sale