Best PR Merger & Acquisitions Firm

Ten Reasons to Hire Gould + Partners

Are you looking for assistance or services during a merger or acquisition or sale of your PR firm? We are the leading name in mergers and acquisitions, along with unique services for our clients. How do you know if we are right for your firm? Read more about 10 reasons we stand out against the competition.

1. Most Trusted Name in PR M & A

Business valuationsWe are proud to be the most trusted name in PR industry mergers and acquisitions. With over 30 years of experience, we have handled every situation possible. Gould + Partners has specialized in mergers & acquisitions, business valuations, exit planning, financial management, and CEO counseling. We apply our knowledge, experience, and expertise to make the process as seamless as possible.

2. Our Build-to-Sell Programs

Our partners designed a program specifically for PR business owners to improve their bottom line & valuation. Our unique “Build-to-Sell” program works to improve your financial presentation, with checkpoints around your financial benchmarks. We’ll fine tune your efforts to make your firm most profitable and valuable. The program focuses on the following areas:

Financial statement presentation to maximize value
Exit planning for partners
Net revenue analysis
Labor costs & best practices goals
Operating cost percents
Billing & Utilization benchmarks and best practices goals
Reducing overservicing
Key executive retention

3. Our Talented Team

Gould + Partners is extremely proud of our talented team of counselors, advisors, and partners. We are lucky to have the industry’s brightest shining stars on our side. They have a combined decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, and CEO consulting. Every partner and associate at Gould + Partners possess experience, passion, and research-based proprietary knowledge to help you succeed.

4. Our Unique Merger & Acquisitions Process

We guide you through each step of the merger & acquisition process. Specializing in PR firms, we have represented both sellers and buyers in the United States and internationally. Our approach combines expert financial analysis with our deep industry knowledge and experience. Our process includes:

Target Prospect
Financial Package & Presentation
Valuation of the Target Firm if Represent Buyer
Valuation of Seller Firm if Represent Seller
Deal Formulation & Negotiation
Due Diligence
Post-Merger Integration

5. Our Proven Track Record

Here at Gould + Partners, we are proud to be #1 in:

Years in Mergers & Acquisitions
Number of Sellers & Buyers we represent
Critical Benchmarking Reporting for the Industry
Human Capital Assessments

Over our 30 years, we have worked diligently to get to this point of success. With our proven track record of success, we are consistently improving and offering the best to our clients. Our reputation and brand are based on credibility and trust.

6. Our Wealth of Data

We publish Best Practices Benchmarking Reports regularly, three “major” industry reports annually, plus “spot” reports. These are powerful tools to analyze data, increase profitability, and improve overall operational effectiveness. Our reports are available to all practitioners and firms, as data should be open for all to learn from. We are here to help our clients interpret the data and apply to their firms to increase their profitability. Our benchmarking reports offer data on financial benchmarks, billing & utilization, net revenue growth, C-Suite compensation, PR industry client & staff turnover and Covid-19 recovery reports.

7. Our Valuation Services

Business valuations are far more successful when they are designed to be unique to your firm. Our reports and business valuations are solely for your firm. We will examine the impact of a combination of factors to give you a unique and highly accurate valuation, just for you. Business valuation services are available for PR and creative services firms.

8. Our Events and Speakers

Gould + Partners is honored to have Rick Gould, a specialist in PR Best Practices financial management and maximizing profitability to add value to agencies. A leader in the field, Rick Gould offers knowledge and expertise to the industry. We offer filmed versions of his talks, archived back to 2017. Clients and interested PR firms have invited Rick Gould to speak to their executive team as well at industry conferences.

9. Gould + Partners Exit Strategy Counseling

The team at Gould + Partners offers expert guidance in creating an expedient exit strategy. We use our unique business valuations and experience in mergers & acquisitions to form an exit strategy for clients. We help our clients navigate exit decisions around management buyouts and/or third party sales. For over 30 years we’ve been providing our clients with strategic planning and protecting your firm’s accumulated wealth. With Gould + Partners, our clients are reassured that their sweat equity will be protected in a sale, merger or acquisition.

10. Evidence of Previous Successes

We hope our experience, expertise, and services will convince you to partner with us? We provide client testimonials to prove our solutions work for PR and creative services firms. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service and excellent counsel to our clients.

With our wide range of services and unique solutions, our goal is to help our clients have a successful sale, merger or acquisition. Contact Gould + Partners today to get started. Or request a Zoom call with Rick Gould at [email protected]