Why is Gould + Partners the Premier Choice for PR Firm Consulting?

You’ve spent your life working hard to make your public relations firm the best it can be. From hiring skilled, dedicated employees to staff your organization to going above and beyond for the clients you serve, you’ve poured a lot into establishing your business as a reliable, trustworthy and successful organization.

Now you’re ready to take your PR firm to the next level – but you’re looking for guidance about what the logical next step for your organization should be. Should you pursue an acquisition or merger with another organization to grow your business? Invest in your top level employees by providing management consulting? Adjust your strategic plan in order to accommodate larger clients? The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Though you have many options in terms of where to take your company as you move forward, the choice for who to turn to for PR firm consulting and industry guidance is clear: Gould + Partners.

Why Hire Gould + Partners?

There are numerous factors that set Gould + Partners apart from its competitors.


With decades of experience providing consultation to PR firms, Gould + Partners is uniquely qualified to supply insight and guidance to organizations within the public relations and creative services industries. The Gould + Partners team has successfully guided hundreds of previous clients to new levels of success by facilitating mergers and acquisitions, providing CEO consulting services, assisting with the development of strategic business plans and more.


The consultants and advisors at Gould + Partners know the PR industry inside and out. Their industry insight, proprietary research and years of experience working with PR firms large and small have established them as a trusted, credible resource when it comes to PR firm consulting.

Expansive Offerings

Gould + Partners offers a variety of consulting services and options to the public relations firms and creative services organizations it serves. Whether you are looking for a PR agency valuation, you are interested in pursuing CEO and management consulting, you need assistance with creating an updated strategic plan for your firm or you are seeking guidance as you navigate the complexities of PR firm M&A transactions, Gould + Partners can help. You can feel confident knowing that you can trust in one reliable resource for all of your firm’s business consultation needs.

Extensive Research

For the past 27 years, Gould has performed extensive research to determine what key elements contribute to PR firm success. By distributing surveys and collecting information annually, Gould is able to compile extensive benchmarking data for PR firms, producing an annual report that covers the key components that build profitability and add value to PR firms. This report produced by Gould + Partners is unlike that of any other financial consulting firm, and the extensive knowledge gained through developing it makes Gould + Partners uniquely qualified to advise clients on how to continue their success moving forward.

Augment Your PR Firm’s Success with the Help of Gould + Partners

Ready to take your business to the next level with PR Firm Consulting? Put Gould + Partner’s experience and specialized knowledge of the PR industry to work for your public relations firm. From providing industry insight to guide you as you prepare to take the next step to helping to navigate merger and acquisition transactions as you move forward with growing your business, our experienced team is here to help you ensure your firm is on track for success every step of the way.

Contact us today at (212) 896-1909 to learn more about how working with us and our PR Firm Consulting Team can benefit your business.