Social Media

Online Video: Take Your Best Shot

By Matthew Schwartz

PR firm owners know the scene. They land a new account and sit down with the buyer(s) for an initial strategy session. After exchanging niceties PR firm owners reach into their portfolio and offer a package of services that would best align with the client’s goals and/or financial objectives. Assuming budget is available PR executives …read more

10 Workplace Etiquette Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media

By Kris Ruby

(This article originally appeared on By Kris Ruby  You walked into work this morning and headed to your cubicle as usual, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. When you went to get your coffee in the break room, several of your co-workers looked at you and whispered. When you passed …read more

When Celebrities Carry the Message

By Matthew Schwartz

Social media channels melded with celebrity endorsements present a wealth of opportunities for PR firms to get their clients’ messages out more effectively and grow their audiences. But careful what you wish for. The need for speed online could put PR firms in a compromising position when it comes to how they comply with Federal …read more

Agencies Shoot for More Video Content

By Laura Gallagher

Let’s just take a trip into the future for a moment. It’s one year from now and you’ve just received your email newsletter from Gould & Partners. Instead of reading it though, you watch it. The share buttons are there as well as “flags” for later viewing. Is this where we’re headed? More vloggers and …read more

The Cost of Monetizing Social Media

By Matthew Schwartz

Social media options are spreading like wildfire and so are the opportunities in the space. But small-to mid-size PR firms continue to struggle with how to make money from social channels, with the margins minimal for most shops. What is more, integrating social media with other marketing channels remains a difficult if not nettlesome challenge. …read more