Mergers & Acquisitions

Gould+Partners Introduces & Facilitates Avenir Global Acquisition of Padilla

By Yadi Gomez

                      Montreal/Toronto-based holding and management company Avenir Global- (parent company of NATIONAL) has acquired Padilla. We are delighted & honored to share that we introduced & facilitated the merging of two great firms. Rick Gould, Managing Partner said, “We worked closely with Avenir Global (then …read more

Management Consulting Firms Mean Business

By Matthew Schwartz

It wasn’t too long ago that you could tell all the players swirling around the creative services M&A field. You had the “big six” holding companies—Dentsu, Havas, Omnicom Group, Interpublic Group of Companies, Publicis Groupe and WPP—plucking creative services properties as they saw fit. Then you had the independent firms hunting for strategic acquisitions or …read more

How New Tax Law Will Impact PR Firms

By Matthew Schwartz

The Republican tax plan enacted last year includes some of the most sweeping changes in U.S. tax law in more than 30 years. Certain aspects of the legislation will have a fairly significant impact on how PR firms manage their day-to-day expenses and measure expense accounts. Gould+Partners spoke with Michael Belfer, an accounting and audit partner …read more

VIDEO: PR Benefits of the Bolt-on Acquisition

By Matthew Schwartz

Expand your firm’s talent pool. Diversify your PR services and boost the agency’s appeal among both existing clients and prospects. Find new cost efficiencies. These are just a few of the PR benefits of the bolt-on acquisition. Unlike a full-blown acquisition, bolt-on buys are relatively small and won’t break the bank. However, similar to larger …read more

Opportunities Abound for Asian PR Market

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

Is it the dawn of the Asian century? The notion is debatable among global economists and civilians alike. But there’s little doubt that countries throughout Asia are rapidly increasing their economic, business and cultural clout. At the same time, marketers throughout Asia are facing some serious headwinds when it comes to bracing their companies for …read more

How Should PR Firms Plan for the End Game?

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

(This article originally appeared in the June issue of  O’Dwyer’s) The PR M&A process is seldom easy. But as the public relations industry has evolved and become more complex, so too has the PR M&A process. When sellers sit down with buyers these days there are sharper and more difficult questions coming from both sides of …read more

Agency M&A: Big Decision, Vital Questions

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

I had the privilege of speaking at the Public Relations Global Network‘s (PRGN) annual conference, which took place in Dallas, in late April. The presentation, titled “Agency Mergers and Acquisitions: What Works, What Doesn’t,” was well-received among the PR firm owners and C-level communications executives attending. During my presentation and afterward—when I had the opportunity …read more

How to Integrate the Seller With the Buyer, Post-Sale

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

I am often asked why some mergers and/or acquisitions don’t go the way a buyer and/or seller originally thought. There are multiple reasons why a transaction may go awry, of course. For instance, the seller may have a different corporate philosophy from the buyer. Or there may be friction between the two sides regarding how …read more

Psychological Buy-in Critical for Exit Strategy

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

Amid the dramatic and ongoing changes within the media and marketing industries is the accelerating rate of M&A transactions within the PR field. PR firm owners, including heads of boutiques, smaller shops and mid-size firms, are giving more serious consideration to selling out. Many of these owners are products of the baby-boom generation and would …read more