Management Consulting Firms Mean Business

By Matthew Schwartz

It wasn’t too long ago that you could tell all the players swirling around the creative services M&A field. You had the “big six” holding companies—Dentsu, Havas, Omnicom Group, Interpublic Group of Companies, Publicis Groupe and WPP—plucking creative services properties as they saw fit. Then you had the independent firms hunting for strategic acquisitions or …read more

How Stock Market Swings Impact PR M&A Deals

By Matthew Schwartz

(This article originally appeared on agiltypr.com.) Talk about whiplash! Heads have been spinning like battle tops due to the recent stock market gyrations. On February 9, for example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed out with a 330-point rebound but still suffered its biggest weekly loss since January 2016, per USA Today, adding that the …read more

Is Cry for PR Diversity Different This Time?

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

(This article originally appeared on odwyerpr.com.)  It happens every few years, just like a Swiss watch. Cries are heard regarding the general lack of diversity within the creative services field and how it’s costing agencies and firms dearly. There are a few rounds of self-flagellation within the four walls, as the media trades run agonizing …read more

‘Marketing Momma’ Offers 3 Tips for Agency Owners 

By Matthew Schwartz

“I’m the kind of person who ends up being everybody’s momma,” says PR veteran Lucy Siegel. “All kinds of people come to me with problems and ask for advice.” Well, the self-described “momma” is now looking to monetize her many years of experience in the creative services industry. In April Siegel launched her third firm, Lucy Siegel …read more

What Millennials Want From Non-Millennials—And Vice Versa

By Matthew Schwartz

Madison Avenue’s fixation on youth is an old story.  It’s been the default position among brand managers for decades: Older consumers are set in their ways and couldn’t possibly be persuaded to try (and buy) new products, so better to cater entirely to younger consumers. However, a new survey splashes cold water on the theory, …read more

Online Video: Take Your Best Shot

By Matthew Schwartz

PR firm owners know the scene. They land a new account and sit down with the buyer(s) for an initial strategy session. After exchanging niceties PR firm owners reach into their portfolio and offer a package of services that would best align with the client’s goals and/or financial objectives. Assuming budget is available PR executives …read more

A Bill of Rights for PR Firms

By Matthew Schwartz

Overservicing among PR firms doesn’t simply mean working for nothing. It’s a lot more costly. That’s because when your firm starts to expand client services—without being adequately compensated—it has a negative effect on the rest of the operation. Indeed, the repercussions for overservicing can make a bad situation considerably worse. Perhaps more so any other …read more

Valuing Your PR Firm ‘As If’ It Were Your Home

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

Your home has been good to you. You have invested a chunk of money into sprucing it up throughout the years and the work has paid off nicely. You are ready to sell. As you brace for a sale you remember that tiny crack in the wall near your bedroom and some chips scattering the …read more

How ‘PTO’-Type Programs Can Benefit PR Firms

By Matthew Schwartz

Whether senior managers primed for the C-suite or junior account executives eager for promotion, staff retention is one of the biggest challenges now facing PR agency owners. The traditional two-week vacation plus a few personal/sick days throughout the calendar year no longer seem to cut it for many employees, millennials in particular. To assuage the …read more

Horn Group

By Yadi Gomez

Finn Partners boosts tech practice with Horn Group acquisition The deal will also expand the firm’s footprints in New York and San Francisco. Read the full article >