Business Valuations

How Stock Market Swings Impact PR M&A Deals

By Matthew Schwartz

(This article originally appeared on Talk about whiplash! Heads have been spinning like battle tops due to the recent stock market gyrations. On February 9, for example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed out with a 330-point rebound but still suffered its biggest weekly loss since January 2016, per USA Today, adding that the …read more

A Bill of Rights for PR Firms

By Matthew Schwartz

Overservicing among PR firms doesn’t simply mean working for nothing. It’s a lot more costly. That’s because when your firm starts to expand client services—without being adequately compensated—it has a negative effect on the rest of the operation. Indeed, the repercussions for overservicing can make a bad situation considerably worse. Perhaps more so any other …read more

Valuing Your PR Firm ‘As If’ It Were Your Home

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

Your home has been good to you. You have invested a chunk of money into sprucing it up throughout the years and the work has paid off nicely. You are ready to sell. As you brace for a sale you remember that tiny crack in the wall near your bedroom and some chips scattering the …read more

Psychological Buy-in Critical for Exit Strategy

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

Amid the dramatic and ongoing changes within the media and marketing industries is the accelerating rate of M&A transactions within the PR field. PR firm owners, including heads of boutiques, smaller shops and mid-size firms, are giving more serious consideration to selling out. Many of these owners are products of the baby-boom generation and would …read more

The Value of Business Valuations

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

In the current business climate agency owners and top managers must prioritize like nobody’s business. And the top priority in a hypercompetitive marketplace is making sure your firm’s valuation is at a maximum. As the brand creates goodwill, goodwill creates value. But how many agency owners know the inherent value of their firm? There is …read more

Staying Profitable in the New Economy

By Matthew Schwartz

Should PR firms remain independent and grow organically? Should PR firms remain independent and grow via acquisition? Or, is the firm in growth gridlock, where getting to the next level is proving problematic? In that case, some firms choose to put themselves in play altogether and sell. These are just a few of the key …read more

Report: U.S. M&A Sector Revving Speed in 2016

By Matthew Schwartz

The U.S. M&A market is shaping up to be a frothy one this year. Ninety-one percent of U.S. based executives said they intended to initiate at least one acquisition in 2016, compared to 81 percent in 2015 and 61 percent in 2014, according to a new survey. The survey, titled, U.S. Executives on M&A: Full …read more

3 Tips for PR Agencies to Recession Proof Their Business

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

The global economy can be quite precarious, which PR agencies know all too well. In a robust economy, brands and organizations are eager to invest in PR and marketing agencies. However, the slightest blip on a corporate spreadsheet and brands will likely curtail those budgets. But a full-blown recession is a double-whammy. Agencies not only …read more

PR Agencies Through the Looking Glass

By Jennifer Casani

Similar to the nonsensical literary theme found in the 1871 sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the direction of the current economic landscape is quite distorted. It is only after completing Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass that the reader can make sense of the varied themes and plot devices. Unfortunately, people working in the …read more

Practice ‘Design Thinking’ Now to Avoid Employee Burnout Later

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

Sure, senior denizens of the PR and ad agency sectors are cocktail-party compliant when it comes to kibitzing about all the work bearing down on the firm and describing how they fear that their most valuable employees may burnout. Then they go back to the shop the next morning and continue assigning too much work …read more