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Build to Sell Your PR FirmAt Gould+Partners, we believe that the most successful public relations firms are those that are built and run as if they are going to be sold. An external sale doesn’t ever need to happen, but operating with the mindset that you are preparing to sell will enable you to maximize profitability, build ongoing value within your firm and give you a competitive edge.

Operating with a “build to sell your PR Firm” mentality will inspire you to exercise more financial and managerial discipline, maintain high levels of accountability, and develop the organizational infrastructure you need to effectively operate the firm – and sell it if you ultimately choose to.

Let Gould+Partners assist you in developing your PR firm into the most profitable, competitive agency possible. We will be happy to set up a consultation regarding how we can help bolster your PR agency and are well qualified to represent your firm and negotiate on your behalf should you ultimately decide to sell. Call us today for more information on how to build your agency to ultimately sell your PR Firm!


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