New ABCs for Effective RFPs

(This article originally ran on The request for proposal process in agency selection works to the extent that it is open, fair and balanced. The PR Council reports that one-third all new agency business comes from RFPs. That’s substantial enough to take the process seriously no matter the size of your firm. The critical …read more

Empathy at Heart of Co-Mentoring Programs

Several years ago I worked at an online media production company whose aspirations unfortunately exceeded its budget. Nonetheless, I was eager to get more experience producing online video content. I was assigned to work with Susan (her name has been changed), a millennial. She seemed to be a real whiz with video equipment and knew …read more

‘Marketing Momma’ Offers 3 Tips for Agency Owners 

“I’m the kind of person who ends up being everybody’s momma,” says PR veteran Lucy Siegel. “All kinds of people come to me with problems and ask for advice.” Well, the self-described “momma” is now looking to monetize her many years of experience in the creative services industry. In April Siegel launched her third firm, Lucy Siegel …read more

3 Ways Female PR Execs Pursue C-Suite Seat

It’s a start. When Barri Rafferty in late November was named Ketchum’s next global CEO, she became the first woman to lead a top-five PR agency. It’s fitting that Ketchum has taken the lead when it comes to promoting female PR executives. A recent survey released by the global PR agency and the Holmes Report …read more

VIDEO: Millennial PR Firm Owners Carve New Niche

We were chatting with a top PR executive recently when we mentioned the proliferating number of PR firms owned by millennials, or people born between the early 1980s and 2000. The executive—a real pro—expressed skepticism. That’s fine, we said. But we also stressed to this executive to keep a close eye on the space. While …read more

PR Profession Rides Some Rough Waves 

It’s not a pretty picture for the PR industry. Among a wide swath of firms, growth is down and profitability is flat.  Adding insult to injury, PR  firm owners are failing to boost their billing rates in order to compensate for increases in salaries and other expenses. Whether it’s the large holding companies or smaller …read more

Canadian PR Firms Best U.S. Firms on Revenue, Profitability     

Canada is celebrated for many things. Maple Syrup, Niagara Falls, and Wayne Gretzky quickly come to mind. Now you can add profitable PR agencies to the list, particularly when stacked up against their U.S counterparts. Net revenue for Canadian-based firms grew a total of 21.8 percent in 2016, according to Gould+Partners 2017 PR Firm Net …read more

What Millennials Want From Non-Millennials—And Vice Versa

Madison Avenue’s fixation on youth is an old story.  It’s been the default position among brand managers for decades: Older consumers are set in their ways and couldn’t possibly be persuaded to try (and buy) new products, so better to cater entirely to younger consumers. However, a new survey splashes cold water on the theory, …read more

VIDEO: PR Benefits of the Bolt-on Acquisition

Expand your firm’s talent pool. Diversify your PR services and boost the agency’s appeal among both existing clients and prospects. Find new cost efficiencies. These are just a few of the PR benefits of the bolt-on acquisition. Unlike a full-blown acquisition, bolt-on buys are relatively small and won’t break the bank. However, similar to larger …read more