Gould+Partners Announces New Version of ‘The Ultimate PR Agency Financial Management Handbook,’ Designed for PR Agency Owners and C-Suite Executives

PrintGould+Partners is proud to announce the release of a new and improved version of “The Ultimate PR Agency Financial Management Handbook,” an invaluable guide catering to PR agency owners and C-suite executives. The new version provides agency owners with a comprehensive guide for how to run their firms more profitability and significantly boost their valuations.

“Most PR firm owners have the entrepreneurial spirit to successfully run an agency and a burning desire to start, run and grow a firm,“ said Rick Gould, CPA, J.D., managing partner of Gould+Partners, which specializes in PR M&A. “But they have little, if any, business education or experience. This book will provide a crash course in running an agency not as a small lifestyle firm, but as a business—a business that is profitable and will build value year after year.”

He added, “The most difficult step for most firms is the very first and the most critical: To shift to the management mindset of the firm to operating ‘as if’ it were to be sold tomorrow to an outside buyer.”

At the heart of this book: Proven strategies, techniques, benchmarks, ratios and hard-won principals designed to increase your agency’s profitability to 20% or even 30%, despite the economic environment.

This book tackles many crucial questions agency owners need to ask, such as: How much revenue should each of account executive generate relative to his or her salary? How do your firm’s billings compare with national and regional averages? Which Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should you monitor on a monthly basis?

“The Ultimate PR Agency Financial Management Handbook” also features  detailed analyses from some of the nation’s top PR agency leaders and a slew of practical tips that agency owners can start using immediately.

These tips and tools include how to manage by the numbers; how to deal with slow-paying clients; how to protect your cash and manage payables and how to recession proof your business. The book will be available to purchase later this month.



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