Valuing Your PR Firm ‘As If’ It Were Your Home

Your home has been good to you. You have invested a chunk of money into sprucing it up throughout the years and the work has paid off nicely. You are ready to sell. As you brace for a sale you remember that tiny crack in the wall near your bedroom and some chips scattering the…

How to Manage by the Numbers

When it comes to keeping PR firms financially healthy through effective and efficient management, there’s a lot to be desired. It’s understandable. PR principles generally are right-brain folks and hail from a creative (or literary) background rather than a financial one. PR principals can grow their business and attract new clients but not learn how…

Pumping Up PR Staff Productivity

The rule of thumb for PR productivity is that each staffer clocks 1700 hours, per year, that is available to be  billed to clients. That’s the goal, as some firms collectively struggle to reach that amount of productivity while others (read: bigger firms) tend to exceed it. However, there are several other ways that PR…

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