Online Video: Take Your Best Shot

PR firm owners know the scene. They land a new account and sit down with the buyer(s) for an initial strategy session. After exchanging niceties PR firm owners reach into their portfolio and offer a package of services that would best align with the client’s goals and/or financial objectives. Assuming budget is available PR executives…

PR Predictions for 2017

We were having drinks with a PR firm owner when we started talking about long-term planning. “It’s an oxymoron,” said the owner, stressing that the marketplace is so fluid these days that if PR firms get too far ahead of themselves planning-wise it could be downright counterproductive. The point is well taken. We can’t recall…

Ad Blocking Networks Getting More Acute

As the lanes throughout the marketing communications landscape continue to blur, more and more PR firms are starting to add paid media components into their business portfolio. It’s another way for PR agencies to offer one-stop shopping to clients increasingly leery of having to deal with multiple agencies. But investing in online advertising is a…

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