How Should PR Firms Plan for the End Game?

(This article originally appeared in the June issue of  O’Dwyer’s) The PR M&A process is seldom easy. But as the public relations industry has evolved and become more complex, so too has the PR M&A process. When sellers sit down with buyers these days there are sharper and more difficult questions coming from both sides of…

What’s Fueling ‘Radical’ Change in PR?  

In the annals of the PR profession, it wasn’t that long ago—say, five or ten years—that PR firms competed with other PR firms for mergers and acquisitions. It was a fairly limited market, but also fairly easy to predict. But that was then and this is now. “The PR market is changing radically,” said Rick…

Window Shopping: What PR Buyers Want From Sellers

Sure, there are plenty of PR agency owners who prefer to roll right along, making their numbers, growing their clientele and expanding their services organically, without ever making acquisitions or putting themselves in play. But what if they ran their firm as if they were going to buy it? The question was tackled during a…

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