Empathy at Heart of Co-Mentoring Programs

Several years ago I worked at an online media production company whose aspirations unfortunately exceeded its budget. Nonetheless, I was eager to get more experience producing online video content. I was assigned to work with Susan (her name has been changed), a millennial. She seemed to be a real whiz with video equipment and knew…

What Millennials Want From Non-Millennials—And Vice Versa

Madison Avenue’s fixation on youth is an old story.  It’s been the default position among brand managers for decades: Older consumers are set in their ways and couldn’t possibly be persuaded to try (and buy) new products, so better to cater entirely to younger consumers. However, a new survey splashes cold water on the theory,…

Common Ground with Millennial PR Pros?

Oh, that pesky generation gap. It never fails to rear its complicated head. Take a recent survey revealing sharp differences between millennial communicators and the baby boomer/Gen X PR executives who manage them regarding a slew of workplace issues, including the willingness to take risks, grooming for management and leadership. The online survey, which was…

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