The Evolving Relationship Between Public Relations and SEO

Marketers have long used search engine optimization (SEO) as a standard tactic to boost client and brand visibility in organic web searches in an effort to increase awareness among consumers and drive traffic to their websites. While the use of SEO as part of an overall communications strategy is well established, the influential role PR plays in driving web traffic is less often acknowledged. Successful PR tactics build a wider audience for a brand’s content and enhance SEO in several ways.

Creating, promoting and sharing content are high priorities for both PR and SEO marketing strategies. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, SEO and PR are overlapping more than ever instead of existing as two separate entities. Let’s highlight the top ways PR and SEO increasingly work together to create effective marketing strategies.

1.    High Synergy Between SEO and PR. Producing engaging content has long been a goal of both SEOs and PR agents. Blending tactics has proven to be beneficial for all involved. If part of a PR campaign includes an event, the SEO is prepared to promote that event by sharing content on the website and through social media. If blogging is part of the PR strategy, the content created must be optimized and shared digitally if it is to perform well. As a result, SEO and PR have begun working hand in hand within marketing efforts over the last few years.

2.    Natural Incoming Editorial Links. Public relations firms have connections with publishers, bloggers and media outlets that can take SEO content to the next level. Incoming links are one factor that search engines evaluate when determining the value and legitimacy of your website. As a result, SEO content is often created in an effort to attract natural incoming links from reliable, relevant sources. In order to achieve this, content must be put in front of the right audience. PR can help to put the SEO content you create in front of the correct audience, earning you more quality links and benefiting your SEO campaign.

3.    Media Contacts You Can Consistently Reuse. For both SEOs and PR agents, creating relationships with the media and building those relationship on a framework of trust is beneficial. Networking within the field becomes easier when you develop a reputation as a trustworthy source. It also helps you to gain media contacts and resources you can use and reference over and over again for both PR and SEO purposes.

4.    Stronger Client Relationships. The more avenues you have to promote your clients’ content, the better job you do for them. Combining SEO and PR is a great way to enhance the work you do for your clients. As you prove yourself and your strengths, the relationship with your client will grow. Often, a SEO or PR agent becomes so important they become part of the client’s team, join meetings and want to see the company succeed as much as the employees do.