INFOGRAPHIC: How to Get a Better Handle on Social Media Management

For PR agency owners who don’t lose sleep because of the accelerating and growing impact of social media, they may need to pay closer attention. For many of their clients, regardless of the business sector, social media is creeping toward the core of their PR and marketing efforts (if it’s not there already).

Social media managers are gradually becoming standard practice among PR and advertising agencies. But C-level executives and folks who are running the business don’t get a pass. They need to be conversant in social media platforms and know the (often subtle) differences between marketing on one channel compared to another.

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) put together this incredible infographic to help you get a better handle on social media management/strategy and how to write better headlines for your social channels. We thought we would play it forward.
Social-Media-Image-Sizing-Cheat-SheetSource: Content Marketing Institute (CMI)