Increase Profitability of Your PR Agency by 20 – 30%

New & Improved Guide Reveals How to Increase the Profitability of Your PR Agency by 20% or Greater Using Updated Benchmarks and Ratios

In the 3rd edition of “The Ultimate PR Agency Financial Management Handbook­—How to Manage by the Numbers for Breakthrough Profitability of 20% or Greater,” expert Rick Gould reveals steps you can take immediately to start managing your PR Firm smarter and achieve net profits of 20% or greater.

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“PR people starting an agency always have a passion for the business—the brands, your people, client service—but that’s never enough. You have to understand the metrics, the magic of the numbers. Rick understands both the art and science of agency management. I love that this book gives you all the ratios and scientific algorithms for profitability, staffing and productivity all in one place. I keep this book on my desk as a reference, so when I need reinforcement, I can grab it and say, ‘Oh . . . Chapter 12. There it is!'”

Grace Leong, Managing Partner, Hunter PR

“Rick Gould’s book is an operational bible on how to manage a PR agency. For me, the most useful section was the one on cash flow. We learned early on that cash flow is relentless, so it’s easy to get into trouble. This is a playbook that gives you benchmarks on how to run your firm efficiently. Put these systems in place, and you set yourself up for success. A lot of firms have sluggish margins—say a 10-percent profit margin. Adhering to these principles could help push you up to 20 percent. If you’re running a million dollar firm, over five years that could help you drop another $500,000 to your bottom line.”

Scott Allison, CEO, Allison & Partners

“One of the questions in Rick’s first chapter—’Are you managing for love or money?’—really hit home with me. Since starting my first agency, I’ve learned—through painful experience—that you can start an agency for love of PR, but you must also focus on money to build a strong, viable business for the short- and long-term. Best of all, this handbook is written in a clear, cut-to-the-chase way for busy agency CEOs, especially those who don’t have a strong financial background. Save yourself a lot of heartburn and heartache: Take advantage of the insights gained by Rick during a long career helping hundreds of PR agencies start and build their businesses.”

Patrice Tanaka, Co-Founder, Chief Counselor & Creative Strategist, PadillaCRT


“If you really want a high-growth, high-performance agency, this book is definitely for you. Rick gives you model spreadsheets, P&L statements and balance sheets, as well as the formulas and ratios that go with them—all brought down to an operational reality. He also gives you wisdom about staffing strategy, using freelancers, and equity participation for mid-level managers. Frankly, these are best-practices benchmarks you just can’t find anywhere else.”

Aaron Kwittken, Global Chairman + CEO, KWITTKEN