The Write Stuff: How to Improve PR Writing

There’s no shortage of advice when it comes to quality PR writing. PR agency owners and C-level executives have heard it time and again. PR execs need to write press releases and other written communications as if they are journalists. Play it straight. Lose the industry jargon. Use one’s flair for language in order to get readers enthused and, of course, interested in your client’s products and services.

Short sentences and periods are a PR writer's best friends.
Short sentences are PR writers’ best friends.

Yet despite the recommendations—not to mention the fact that writing is at the core of quality business communications—PR writing still suffers from a pretty lousy reputation.

Don Bates, senior counselor, digital and new technology at Gould+Partners and clinical assistant professor in New York University’s graduate program in public relations and corporate communications, took a closer examination of why PR writing continues to be the industry’s Achilles’ heel.

Bates’ article originally ran on The article features a handy list, “New Formulary for Business Writing,” as well as a “New Rules”  list that’s based on how social media channels influence business writing and communications.

As Bates writes, “If you really want to write better as a PR/PA practitioner, you need to get in the sweat.”

Find out how. Read the full article here.

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