Rick Gould CPA, J.D. Re-launches Gould+Partners

NEW YORK August 1, 2014 – Rick Gould, CPA, J.D. has re-launched GouldPartners LLC, the firm he started in 2001, in an amicable spinoff from SGP Worldwide.

The firm (www.gould-partners.com) will be a total financial services firm with a focus on Mergers & Acquisitions, improving infrastructure, increasing profitability and building value for clients with an eye toward their ultimate sale.

Gould says “My mantra has always been, run your business as if you are preparing to sell it and your firm will be better run, more profitable and will increase in value.”

Services will include, in addition to M&A, Strategic Planning, Operations Reviews, Valuation, Benchmark Audits, Billing Rate Reviews, Key Staff Retention and other accounting, legal and CFO-style services needed to build a firm for an eventual sale.

“All firms are for sale,” Gould adds. “It is just a matter of timing. Build it to sell it.”

Members of the firm will include Mike Muraszko, partner with Rick at SGP Worldwide (LA office), Jennifer Casani (Denver), Donald Tipple (NYC) and Don Bates (NYC). Yadi Gomez will remain as Account Coordinator (NYC). All were formerly with SGP Worldwide. There will be several associates and strategic counsel to the firm as well as a Board of Advisors. Rick will continue to work with Art Stevens on M&A deals for SGP Worldwide, formerly StevensGouldPincus.