Don’t Dress Up Your PR Firm

It’s an occupational hazard among too many PR firms: trying to shoehorn marginal agency experience into an RFP response. When the odds are naturally against your firm winning a client pitch, it’s more important to be selective and focus on your core strengths than it is to position your agency as something it’s not. When…

Bring Your Agency’s A-Game to New Business Presentations

The agency search was down to four finalists. Each had provided stellar written responses during the proposal phase, and seemed ready to take the stage. Sure, there would be just one winner, but we all wanted this to be an even horse race, with equal odds for each of the finalist agencies. However, by the…

RFP Process: Look Inward Before You Do Anything

Agencies have a love-hate relationship with requests for proposals (RFPs). Okay, it’s mostly hate. However, from our perspective, it’s not the RFP per se, but typically the process that lead them to abhor and recoil from what should be a clean, simple and honest method of evaluating one firm over another. When done correctly, an…

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