An Inspiring Worldcom Conference – “The Climb”

By Rick Gould, CPA, JDTwo weeks ago I was a keynote speaker at the Worldcom North America Conference in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. The topic I spoke about was “The Art & Science of Attaining a 25%+ Bottom Line.” The setting was inspirational – the hotel, the conference meeting room, the stage, the big screen and the sound system. The member firms were sharp and challenging, but cordial, and overall totally receptive to my topic which centered around the theme of “The Climb”…. that starting, building and running a PR firm is like an ascent of Mount Everest. But, if done right, if the process I outlined at the conference is committed to and followed, then the reward will indeed be waiting at the summit and on the other side. I want to thank the Worldcom member firms for supporting this vision of attainable profitability and for inviting me to present my message. The time I spent speaking with and getting to know the members encourages me to continue my quest in inspiring firms to maximize profitability through disciplined benchmarking and build value to their firm. Vancouver is magnificent! My next trip there will be to spend a week on vacation. Thank you, Worldcom!