History of Gould + Partners, A Mergers And Acquisitions Advisory Firm

A trusted name in the public relations industry, Gould+Partners has helped many public relations, media and creative services firms to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. With more than 30 years of valuable experience, our specialized knowledge and level of expertise is unparalleled. We are well established as the industry’s premier source of key benchmarking statistics and world-class business solutions.

Timeline of Gould+Partners

5/31/2001: CPA firm Gould & Co.,  acquired by a larger, NYC-based accounting firm.

6/1/2001: Rick launched GouldPartners, a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory firm with no staff and no clients.

2/1/2002: Yadi Gomez joins firm as first employee.

6/1/2018: Celebrated 17 years as an M&A advisory firm.


Q&A Excerpts from Interview on Gould+Partners Re-launch 

Rick, what was your specific role during your 13 years at GouldPartners and SGP Worldwide?  

“Since 2001, in addition to managing the day to day operations of GouldPartners & SGP Worldwide, I was the managing partner that exclusively handled all valuations of PR firms and was intricately involved in negotiations with buyers/sellers and formulating deal structure.  I also reviewed all due diligence packages prior to sending to buyers.  As a CPA and JD, that is the unique specialty my partners relied on and trusted me to do… what my background, expertise, and education qualify me to do.”

You launched GouldPartners in 2001 on your own, with no staff or clients. You and your partners built it up into a well-respected consulting firm as SGP Worldwide.  Why are you now re-launching Gould+Partners?  

“I made the conscious decision to re-launch Gould+Partners after considering options for the future with colleagues that share the vision of expansion I have.  I want to rebuild the firm for the long-haul… invest in/reward great people and grow globally.  I am in NYC full-time and in the thick of the PR industry total financial services hub… maintaining the best expertise and value for our clients.”

In the re-launch of Gould+Partners what happened to the staff and consultants of SGP Worldwide?  

“All active SGP senior associates joined me in the re-launching of Gould+Partners, as well as SGP Worldwide Partner Mike Muraszko.  Jennifer Casani, Donald Bates, Donald Tipple, Evan Antonini and Yadi Gomez all are part of the new Gould+Partners. Together we have formed an experienced, cohesive, full-time Mergers and Acquisitions Firm that works well together and is committed to producing results.  We have invested in and added other key professionals to our team as well.”