Evan Antonini


Evan Antonini is the founder of EHM Group LLC, a business management and accountancy consulting firm, which she founded in 1996. With clients in the United States and Europe, EHM Group offers a suite of services from traditional bookkeeping and accounting to financial forecasting and budgeting to job costing and productivity evaluations in addition to administration evaluation and reorganization. These clients operate in such connected fields as public relations and investor relations. Evan has acquired a familiarity with the unique needs of firms operating in the PR industry based on over 20 years of experience.

Over the past 20 plus years her primary focus has been on the Public Relations industry where she has worked with many firms offering services from bookkeeping to CFO advisor or as a consultant. She specializes in setting up the internal accounting structure utilizing a specific chart of accounts, setting up proper billing systems to track and monitor out of pocket expenses and also creating budget forecasts to assist business owners and executive with strategic business planning.