Press Releases

Gould+Partners Celebrates 15 Years

By Rick Gould CPA, J.D.

On June 1, 2001 I launched GouldPartners LLC, a PR agency M&A firm. •    I had no partners •    I had no staff •    I had no clients •    I sublet a small office from the CPA firm that acquired my CPA firm the day before. Nine months later I hired my first full-time employee, …read more

Gould + Partners Facilitated Transaction Between NATIONAL Public Relations and SHIFT Communications

By Matthew Schwartz

NEW YORK, NY, MAY 6, 2016 – Gould+Partners is pleased to announce that it represented SHIFT Communications in the transaction between NATIONAL Public Relations and SHIFT Communications, an integrated communications firm with offices in Boston, New York City, Austin and San Francisco. NATIONAL’s acquisition of SHIFT, which was officially announced Wednesday, brings together Canada’s top …read more

PR Buzzwords: Don’t Use Them, and Lose Them

By Matthew Schwartz

“Leading company.” “Behind the eight ball.” “Drill down.” “Increase the digital footprint.” If you’re a PR executive who cares about the use of language you probably have started to cringe at the litany of buzzwords and phrases above. Indeed, a Chicago Tribune feature got us thinking about the propensity among PR pros to use buzzwords. “Picking …read more

New Edition of Rick Gould’s PR Agency Financial Management Handbook Shows Firm Owner How to Maximize Profitability, Optimize Performance and Boost the Firm’s Value

By Gould Partners

As every agency executive knows, there are two distinct sides to running a B2B company such as a PR firm, each with it’s own litany of strategic and tactical methods: There’s the challenging, exciting job of providing great service to your clients, and then there’s the onerous task of optimizing your agency’s profit margins, where …read more