VIDEO: PR Benefits of the Bolt-on Acquisition

Expand your firm’s talent pool. Diversify your PR services and boost the agency’s appeal among both existing clients and prospects. Find new cost efficiencies. These are just a few of the PR benefits of the bolt-on acquisition. Unlike a full-blown acquisition, bolt-on buys are relatively small and won’t break the bank. However, similar to larger …read more

Lippe: Incumbent Upon PR Industry to Promote More Women

Maureen Lippe, founder-CEO of Lippe Taylor, recalls a series of dinner meetings she initiated with other female leaders in the PR industry. “What was astonishing to me is that most of these women had competed for years in business, but had never really met each other,” says Lippe, who since founding her PR firm in …read more

Webinar: Millennials Eager to Lead, Willing to Learn

Millennials and older PR executives have a great deal to learn from one another. By collaborating more effectively they can bolster the value of their firm, break into emerging markets and land new clients. They just need to put their suspicions of one another aside and not let stereotypical thinking get the better of them. …read more

VIDEO: Transparency Key to Integration, Post-Sale

The celebratory dinner was a blast. The tapas were a joy to behold and the Merlot was ever so zesty. But now that the party is over, the real work of creative services transactions begins. The new teams have to commit to working together for what can often be a six-month transition process. It’s probably …read more

Millennial PR Firm Owners Destined to Shake Up Industry

(This article originally ran on Millennial communicators can’t catch a break. As they occupy a growing part of the PR field, this demographic bears the brunt of withering criticism from some of their elders regarding their work ethic and general attitude. We frequently hear from older PR firm owners about the challenges of both …read more

VIDEO: The ‘Build to Sell’ Mindset

Clients are satisfied with your firm’s work. You’re on the short list to land a new (and prestigious) account. The staff is growing nicely. They’re all positive indices for creative services firm owners. But, in order to maximize the profitability and overall value of their firm, owners need to adopt a ‘Build to Sell‘ mentality. …read more

2016 PR Industry Growth 4.8%, Down From 6.6% in 2015 and 7.8% in 2014

NEW YORK, August 16, 2017 — The U.S. PR industry grew by just 4.8%, according to a survey released today by Gould+Partners, the merger and management consulting firm specializing in the PR field. The results of this survey were consistent with the results of the annual Best Practices Benchmarking report released in June, showing that …read more

PR Agency Spotlight: 3 Ways to Meet Millennials Halfway

PR Agency Spotlight: Kate Finley, CEO, Belle Communications PR Firm Owners Need to Be More Willing to Adapt to Millennials but Not Bend Over Backward Kate Finley, CEO of Belle Communications, was about to start her presentation at a work session at the PRSA’s Counselors Academy spring meeting titled “The Marvelous and Mysterious World of …read more